Ryan Scott Displays

Case Study

Phase 1

Phase 1: Project Requirements

Find efficiencies in building this shop by using the “bones” of our new modular system and then dressing it up uniquely with some features that are special to Bass Pro. All elements – flooring and wall treatments – would have to be installed over existing flooring and walls and be removable – with moderate to little effort and/or construction – to ensure we had the flexibility to update the shop as necessary moving forward.

Phase 2: Concepts

The challenge will be “fixtures, brand elements, and propping unique to Bass Pro and not like any other concept you would find at other retailers.”  Maintain the overall dock concept but change it up with how we merchandise it and the props we use. We could also build in some FL/Daytona “localization” to make it more unique for them, possibly incorporating a vintage Daytona Beach feel.

Phase 2
Phase 3

Phase 3: Fabrication & Installation

Bass Pro Shops Display Gallery